The following are the required steps for Online Registration Exercise:

  1. Login your profile using your Matric No and your Application No. as your password
    (Ensure to change your password at first login).

  2. Use the Payment Invoice link from the profile menu to generate invoice for Tuition Fee.

  3. Use the generated payment invoice to pay your Tuition Fee at any of the designated banks
    see the bottom page of the generated invoice for list of designated banks).

  4. After payment confirmation, repeat Step 1, then print out payment receipt from the Payment Invoice link of the
    profile menu.

  5. Use Start Registration link to complete all necessary registration forms (e.g. Particular, Medical and Course Form) and Print out copy of Student Profile, Medical History, Course Form, and Accommodation Form.

  6. Complete the appropriate signatories and submit them accordingly (Please ensure to keep copy of each for yourself)

    NOTE: Lodge any difficulty or complaint by calling +2348034142110, +2348069783412 or mail us via